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Anna lives with her husband and two daughters aged 15 and 14 on a farm half way between Young and Grenfell in NSW (about four and a half hours drive from Sydney).

Anna first heard about Chris O`Brien Lifehouse Comprehensive Cancer Centre through Dr Cindy Mak who was her mum’s breast surgeon. Three years later Anna never imagined that she would be diagnosed with breast cancer as well.

As anyone would know who has been diagnosed with any cancer, it is a journey that throws the patient into another stratosphere.  Anna says: “I remember reading in a waiting room; ‘it is like you have landed on another planet that has no road maps or directions’.”

With the diagnosis of breast cancer, Anna and her treatment team laid out a road map that gave her the easiest and best solution. Because Anna was diagnosed early, the team decided Radiotherapy and Tamoxifen was to be her treatment.  It was a busy time of year for the farm, with John about to put the crop in.  Driving back and forth to Canberra or Wagga (both over two hours away) seemed an exhausting option for the six weeks of treatment that she needed.  Instead, they found accommodation in Sydney which meant they were more easily able to access Lifehouse.

Anna says: “Having a personal experience with breast cancer definitely alters your perspective, not only on the importance of great support for patients and their families but on life itself.  I was always very good at living life to its fullest, but our family is even better at it now!

“With the ram sale approaching, we decided it was time for us to give back to those who helped me and Mum.  We decided to donate $100 from every ram sold to breast cancer networks locally and to Lifehouse cancer centre.  We sold more rams than we ever have, with 91 rams being sold on the day.  We also had generous donations on the day and we were very pleased to have raised over $10,000 for the cancer networks we had chosen.

“We are very pleased to have been able to support Lifehouse.  We hope that this can continue in the future and raise more awareness of Lifehouse in country areas.”

Team Lifehouse thinks Anna’s fundraising efforts are amazing! So, whether you live four hours away or four minutes, have rams to sell or cakes, no matter how big or small your community is, we encourage you to join Team Lifehouse.  Let’s unite – together we can continue the fight against cancer.

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