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July is Sarcoma Awareness Month. Sarcoma is a group of cancers that grow in bone and soft tissue such as muscle, fat and cartilage. This rare cancer predominantly affects adolescents and young adults. There are 800 new cases diagnosed every year in Australia with thousands of people living with this disease today. Little is known about its causes and why it often affects the young.

The sarcoma unit at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is the largest in Australia. Our multidisciplinary team sees around 250 new patients a year, referred from across NSW and interstate.

For sarcoma awareness month, the Australia and New Zealand Sarcoma Association is holding an informative webinar on life after sarcoma treatment.

23 July at 1pm – Survivorship and life after sarcoma treatment

Sarcoma treatment can be physically debilitating, as well as having an impact mentally, emotionally, socially and financially.

This webinar will help you understand common issues faced by people who survive sarcoma and give you strategies to cope and stay well.

Let’s Talk About Sarcoma – Podcast

The Cooper Rice-Branding Foundation has produced a podcast in collaboration with Sock it to Sarcoma! to shine a light on all aspects of a sarcoma diagnosis.

With insight from patients and their families, clinicians and researchers alike, this is a valuable resource for anyone with a connection to a sarcoma patient. The late Cooper Rice-Branding was a young patient of ours, whose resilience in the face of his cancer was inspirational. The foundation he established has continued to raise much needed funds for young sarcoma patients.

Listen to ‘Let’s Talk About Sarcoma’ here.

Find out more about sarcoma in this fact sheet from the Australia and NZ Sarcoma Association.

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