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Spotlight on Research


Our mission is to improve the lives of people with cancer.

Discover our research.

We’re searching for ground-breaking discoveries. To do that, we need three key pillars.

Clinical Trials

We’re one of the largest cancer clinical trials centres in Australia, giving more patients access to latest treatments.


Our clinicians, researchers and scientists are one in the same, meaning patient care is underpinned by discovery.


Game-changing research needs a generous philanthropic community and global collaborative network.

This is patient-centred research.


Hafiz Al Hachami was given a devastating prognosis. ‘My oncologist said there were no more options. She told me I have max 12 months.’ But another specialist saw it differently. He said, ‘there is always hope’.

Mr Al Hachami became a patient at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to participate in a Phase 1 study of SQ3370. This aims to deliver treatment directly to the tumour site to reduce toxicity and potentially activate an immune response.

Read more about Hafiz’s story.

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