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Chris O’Brien Lifehouse supporter Duncan isn’t a patient, nor has he even set foot into the building. His inspiration to give comes from his own experience with thyroid cancer, which brought him under the care of Professor Chris O’Brien AO in 2004.

“He was a charming man who instilled confidence,” Duncan recalls. “He included my wife in the consultation and readily answered every one of our questions.”

Duncan’s treatment would span more than ten years from the point of his diagnosis, starting with a thyroidectomy that year, performed by Professor O’Brien.

Five years later, he would undergo a second surgery, followed by six courses of radioactive iodine.

Despite Duncan’s cancer spreading to his lungs, his treatment was successful and, thankfully, his condition is now stable, although he admits he still gets nervous about his six-monthly check-ups. He now donates to honour the memory of Chris, and to help the patients and families Chris O’Brien Lifehouse treats today.

“Professor O’Brien was obviously a busy man, yet he never rushed us. After my surgery, he went back into my room, held my wife’s hand and assured her that everything went to plan.”

“I am extremely grateful to Professor O’Brien for his expertise. Despite some setbacks, I consider myself extremely lucky to still be here.”

If you would like to learn more about donating regularly to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, please contact Kate Overton-Clarke at or on (02) 8514 0647. 

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