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Chris O’Brien Lifehouse was saddened by the passing of Sam Chisholm AO.

New Zealand-born Chisholm was chairman of the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse board from 2009 to 2012, having joined the board in 2007.

He was well-known for his time as managing director of the Nine Network before moving on to lead Sky Television in the UK when it became BSkyB.

But at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse we remember Sam for his unwavering support and contribution to establishing the comprehensive cancer centre we know today.

Gail O’Brien recalls, “In the early days when my husband Professor Chris O’Brien’s vision of a comprehensive cancer hospital for Sydney was only beginning to crystallise, I remember Chris having many long and challenging telephone conversations with Sam. Sam was instrumental in introducing Chris to key figures that helped make the vision a reality.”

“We owe him a large debt both for this support and for his stewardship of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse as chairman of the board at that time. It is thanks to Sam’s dedicated hard work in the years leading up to opening the hospital that we find ourselves in such good stead as we approach our fifth anniversary of operation.”

Our deepest condolences go out to Sam’s wife Sue and his daughter Caroline.

Vale Sam Chisholm AO.

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