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June 4th 2019 marked the ten year anniversary of Professor Chris O’Brien AO’s death. Many joined us in looking back at Chris’s legacy as a caring, compassionate doctor and a great man.

  • Wife and Patient Advocate Gail O’Brien spoke to the Central Sydney newspaper about her husband’s passing, and his legacy ten years on.
  • Gail O’Brien and Chief Clinical Officer Prof Michael Boyer appeared on Today to talk about the continuing importance of research in carrying on Chris’s legacy.
  • Lawyer and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse board member Rebecca Davies shared Chris’s story on the June 7th episode of ABC’s The Drum – take a look from 42 minutes 22 seconds. 
  •  A Current Affair  and revisited patients who appeared on RPA, the television series on which Chris became known for his kind manner and good humour. Ten years on, they are happy and healthy thanks to Chris’s legacy. Also in this episode: Director of Neurosurgery Dr Brindha Shivalingam, Director of Radiation Oncology Assoc Prof Chris Milross, and Patient Advocate Gail O’Brien.
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