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Cancers affecting young people have a disproportionate impact on society. The younger the patient, the greater their potential to contribute to society.

Although sarcoma is considered a rare cancer, it still affects about 700 people in NSW each year, and most of these are in their youth.

Sarcoma is a malignant tumour that is derived from cancerous bone and soft tissue and, while some cancers have a cure rate of around 80 per cent, the prognosis is significantly less optimistic for sarcoma patients.

Parramatta City Council Young Citizen of the Year and sarcoma patient, Gabriella Wehbe, is a shining example of someone who aims to beat the odds.

New and emerging treatments offer a glimmer of hope for young patients like Gabriella, and our aim is to bring this hope to life through our work.

The Lifehouse philosophy is to provide uncompromising care in a safe, comfortable caring environment. Young Australians with sarcoma cancer deserve nothing less. Yet, we can only improve the existing treatment framework and outcomes with support from generous donors like yourselves.

Currently Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is a centre of excellence in New South Wales for sarcoma treatment.  However, whilst we treat patients with our radiation and medical oncology, we can still do a lot more.  For example, we would love to commence sarcoma surgery at Lifehouse in the near future.

We place a high priority on providing comprehensive care, where all aspects of treatment are delivered under one roof by a cohesive, collaborative team. Our imperative is to make this model of care available to our sarcoma patients, who are a particularly vulnerable young group.

With your help, we can create a future of promise for adolescents and young adults fighting for survival against sarcoma. Your donation via this newsletter will make this future a reality.

So please donate now.

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