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Philanthropy plays a vital role in our ability to provide a holistic and patient-centred model of care. Support from our donors goes directly to funding research, clinical care and equity of access to treatment ultimately improving outcomes for patients and families.

Many of our donors are individuals — patients, former patients or family members — who have had first-hand experience of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse care.

Here are some ways in which philanthropy has had a real impact.

100% philanthropically-funded positions

Clinical Trials Coordinator

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse has the largest clinical trials program for sarcoma in NSW. This position coordinates those trials and patients taking part.

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Clinical Nurse Specialists have specialised knowledge and experience (at least two years), and are qualified to co-ordinate treatment, develop treatment plans and deliver advanced care. They are the primary point of contact for patients and vital to delivering uncompromising, patient-centred care.

Research Fellow

This fellowship focuses on genome sequencing that examines the relationship between DNA mutations and tongue cancer in young people.

Deputy Director and Dedicated Research

The Deputy Director role, which includes dedicated research, works with the Royal Prince Alfred and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Peritonectomy MDT. This research focuses on Heated Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC).

3 x Music Therapists (1.8 full time equivalents)

Our entire Music in Health program is philanthropically funded, bringing therapeautic music, songwriting and live performance in shared spaces to patients and families.

Head of Brain Cancer Research

The neuro-oncology research program focuses on GlioNET — a longitudinal study of brain cancer specimens that will support a number of specific sub-studies, including the translation of a non-invasive blood test for monitoring glioma tumour progression. This position will drive this research forward.

“Our donors help to drive research that can make paradigm shifting changes in the way we treat cancer and ultimately, improve outcomes for patients.”

— Dr Kim Kaufman, Head of Brain Cancer Research

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