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As we start to prepare for a well-deserved break over the upcoming holiday season, the achievements our of clinicians and patients has not slowed down. Here’s what you might have missed:

Nine News presenter Peter Overton opened up about his relationship with Professor Chris O’Brien and the insight Chris gave him about the reality of having cancer. Read more about Peter’s fond memories in The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and 9 News.

A new combination therapy trial at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse has produced significant improvements to standalone chemotherapy, improving overall survival from 47% to 63% after just one year. The results were presented at the 2020 American Society of Oncology virtual meeting earlier this year.

After performer and Lifehouse patient Michael Falzon passed away earlier this year, the Sydney Opera House rereleased the 2018 show ‘Swing on This’ to pay tribute to his stellar career. Proceeds from the show were generously donated to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

Nine’s A Current Affair recently profiled one of our patients, Darren Ralph.  Darren wanted to share his prostate cancer journey as a reminder to men to not to let COVID-19 get in the way and to get regular checks. Catch the full story here.

Speaking of COVID-19, data from Cancer Australia shows alarming drops in cancer tests and operations during lockdown. Between March and April there was a 55% drop in colonoscopies, a 37% drop in imaging for breast cancer. Watch or read more on the ABC’s 7.30 report.

Targeted and personalised treatment of cancer is proving more effective than ever. Dr Sanjeev Kumar spoke to PinkHope about the hope provided by this promising kind of treatment.

Chief Clinical Officer Professor Michael Boyer spoke to Allergy & Respiratory Republic about the increase in life expectancy seen in lung cancer patients who are treated with a combination of immunotherapy treatments alongside chemotherapy.

Imugene’s PD1-Vaxx’s has received third ethics approval in Australia and first ethics approval in the United States. Lifehouse is one of three Australian hospitals to attain approval for the immunotherapy trial.

Early results of a new trial reveals that patients preferred medicinal cannabis to regular anti-nausea treatment. The study aimed to provide evidence in the effectiveness of cannabis for treating side effects of chemotherapy. The trial is now being expanded. This story was covered by:

And another Chris O’Brien Lifehouse study has revealed alarming rates in diagnosis of tongue cancer in young women, which has increased by 385% in 32 years. Results show a major increase in the diagnosis of people under 45, especially in those without identifiable risk factors. These crucial research findings were reported by:

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