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As the year draws to a close our hard-working staff continued to advocate for regular health checks and testing during a pandemic, shared new research findings and we got to highlight a special group of Lifehouse volunteers. Here’s where you may have seen us in the media this month:

The wonderful members of our Partnership Advisory Council were featured in PH News. The group of 13 does incredible patient advocacy work by representing the patient voice in Lifehouse governance committees.

The NSW Government has accelerated the $750 million re-development of RPA Hospital, with early works expected to begin in the next six months.

‘Sorry Thanks I Love You’ held their annual ‘Rack Off’ event in early November. Part fashion sale, part-bar – the eclectic event is one you should definitely have on your yearly calendar. They donate a portion of their profits from the event to Lifehouse, which we are extremely grateful for.

ABC National Radio’s ‘Health Report’ dug deep into the alarming rise of tongue cancer in young women, which a Lifehouse study uncovered. Associate Professor Carsten Palme co-conducted this study and spoke to The Wire’s Tina Quinn about why women with little-to-no risk factors are suddenly being diagnosed.

MCN Quarterly explored barriers to access of medicinal cannabis for Australian cancer sufferers. Access is still difficult, despite chronic pain sufferers making up around 60% to 70% of the customer base for Australia’s medical cannabis market.

Professor Henry Woo appeared on SBS News and Radio to discuss the alarming drop in testing for prostate cancer – the most common cancer in Australian men- during the first wave of Covid-19.

Dr Kate Mahon recently judged the 2020 Roche Translational Cancer Research Fellowship. The NZ Society for Oncology (NZSO) award was given to Otago scientists Dr Rachel Purcell (PhD) and consultant surgeon Dr Tamara Glyn (MBChB, FRACS).

Entertainment writer and Lifehouse patient Hannah Story has penned an insightful and timely piece about undergoing diathermy during Cervical Cancer Awareness Week. In PopSugar, Hannah shines a light on the necessity for women to remember their annual cervical screening test. A must-read!

And finally, Vale Greg Growden. The acclaimed rugby journalist passed away after a long battle with cancer on November 14. Colleague Peter FitzSimmons wrote a touching tribute in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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