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As we look towards the fifth anniversary of our opening, I am heartened and inspired by the patients we see each day.

Our mission of placing the patient at the centre of everything we do has created a caring and supportive organisation. During this time, we have seen immense growth, proving that our unique model of care can and does work. The not-for-profit model enables us to continually improve the quality of the care we offer and reinvest back into the hospital.

Research is the key to positive change and some of Australia’s leading cancer researchers are based in Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. From research in areas of sarcoma genomics to prostate cancer blood markers, blood tests for brain cancer and growing bones on a 3D printed scaffold, we have some very exciting projects underway.

Our radiation oncology team has been working tirelessly to commission the latest version of Brain Lab Elements, with our first patient being treated in July. Elements is technology used for treating multiple brain metastases with stereotactic radiosurgery. It is an automated treatment planning system designed to treat up to 15 metastases in a shorter timeframe than conventional stereotactic treatments. We are one of the few hospitals in Australia with access to this technology which is an outstanding treatment innovation for our patients.

It is thanks to the visionary support of people like you that we have come so far. There is still much to do and I look forward to sharing future progress with you. Thank you.

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