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My darling 20 year old son Rhys is currently in treatment at Lifehouse for Ewing’s sarcoma. Thank you thank you thank you Chris O’Brien as without this fabulous cancer centre and all the wonderful staff, nurses and doctors our road would be soooooooo much harder.
Caroline Pagalday

This is a message we received this month from the mother of one of our young patients with a rare cancer.

This message made my day. It’s a reminder that we’re making a difference during what is a really tough time for parents and families as well as patients. I hope it makes your day too. Your contributions have enriched Rhys’ experience at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, where he can access expert doctors and treatment in one of New South Wales’ leading sarcoma centres, and where his Mum can feel supported as well.

On the subject of sarcoma, I’d like to thank everyone who donated to our Tax Appeal this year which focused on the care we are able to provide to our young patients battling this disease. If you’d like to find out more about our work in this area, in this newsletter we’ve included an update about one of our sarcoma clinical trials. You can also view a Channel Nine TV news story about it here.

As you may remember, in our last newsletter, we ran an appeal for a new piece of equipment for our Brachytherapy Unit. Not surprisingly, supporters like you responded very generously and we took delivery of the new Flexitron which will enable us to treat prostate and gynaecological patients with the very latest equipment using intense, high-dose radiation therapy.

You’ll also notice that in this edition of Open House, we’ve included a question and answer session with May Whitaker, our Deputy Director of Physics, about why she loves brachytherapy and her job so much. In short, it’s the chance to be creative. She’s a great example of the kind of curious, inventive and dedicated specialists we have assembled here at Lifehouse, who develop effective and sometimes surprising solutions in order to save the lives of our patients.

So thank you for continuing to show interest in our work. We simply couldn’t do what we do without your support.

Eileen Hannagan
CEO Chris O’Brien Lifehouse
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