External Research Recruitment Policy

Process of opening an external study at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

Process of opening an external study at COBLH

Identify Chris O’Brien Lifehouse investigator who would champion the study at LH and be a PI on the study

Present study at departmental meeting to discuss scientific question, support from other clinicians and recruitment plans

Governance re access study or collaborative research study (click to -> New Research Projects)

Copies of protocols/approvals and indemnity to be lodged with LH

External research staff to go through HR process including criminal record check and review of training logs

Recruitment strategies

1. Patient recruited in a clinic 

Clinician identifies prospective patient

Clinician asks patient if they are interested in being contacted about the study

If patient agrees, then clinician documents this in the electronic medical record (EMR)

External researcher approaches patient to discuss study

2. Patient recruited by mail. 

HREC approved letters sent to patients regarding potential participation in a study. The letter must be on the letterhead of Chris O’Brien Lifehosue and signed by the clinician responsible for the patient.

Patient will contact researchers back about participation in the study

3. Patients recruited by phone. 

Patients cannot be recruited by phone.

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