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Mary Carroll, Lifehouse patient
Mary Carroll, Lifehouse patient

“You can have this life or you could be dead, your choice. I’ll have the life. Thanks very much.”
– Mary Carroll, Lifehouse patient

“The advantage of having a Clinical Nurse Consultant who has clinical expertise is they connect the dots that I don’t know need to be connected.”

Mary’s cancer journey began with a lump in her neck and deteriorated into a frightening diagnosis of multiple tumours, including some in her lung. She was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, a form of head and neck cancer that starts behind the nose where it meets the throat.

Mary, a mother of three, never thought she would have to have the conversation with her children telling them that she had been diagnosed with cancer. This conversation is never easy, but having the right support makes it a whole lot more manageable.

This is where our specialist nurses come in. They bring to life Chris O’Brien’s vision of patient-centred care with great warmth and compassion. Clinical Nurse Consultants are highly experienced professionals who complete postgraduate courses in managing pain and other symptoms, as well as undergo extensive training in psychological support.

These nurses help patients navigate the complex world of cancer care. Through their focus on caring and by bringing a personal touch to the clinical setting, they make a bewildering time that much easier.

Mary found comfort in having specialist Lifehouse nurse, Leanne, alongside her throughout her chemotherapy treatment. Leanne provided a personal touch and a friendly face while also managing her care; an invaluable support for our patients.

Your support makes it possible for Leanne to be there every step of the way for Mary. Your care will ensure no patient has to face cancer alone.

Fear is eased by compassion and understanding. Donate today to support us in providing Chris O’Brien’s vision of patient-focused care.

Specialist nurses like Leanne and Keith (in the video below) touch the lives of thousands and provide invaluable support to patients.

It’s not unusual for Keith to form close relationships with these patients and their families, which sometimes last across years and generations. Elliott was one of these special patients.

Thank you for helping our specialist nurses be there for patients going through cancer. Our work is only possible thanks to generous supporters like you.

Please give today to support us in providing Chris O’Brien’s vision of patient-focused care.

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