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  • Chris O’Brien Lifehouse welcomes the news that the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia now recommends that exercise be embedded in cancer treatments. Our exercise physiology unit has played a core role in treatment since the hospital opened in 2014.
  • Lifehouse patients form impromptu group, the ‘RadOnc gardeners’. By coming together to take their minds off treatment they have created thriving and beautiful gardens. The Daily Telegraph reports.
  • Australia Unlimited chatted with Dr Raghav Murali-Ganesh and Dr Nikhil Pooviah, whose smartphone app CancerAid is improving lives of cancer patients around the world.
  • The Robertson brothers of BrothersIVBrothers are back! The brothers have raised more than half a million for Lifehouse and now they are expanding to regional NSW to support cancer patients in Orange and the central west. Full story in the Central Western Daily.
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