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From how to stay healthy when living with cancer, to telling your nearest and dearest you’ve received a diagnosis and the newest developments in medical technologies – it was an informative month for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in the news:

  • A study by the Lung Cancer Centre is recruiting patients from Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to test the DNA of flora in the lungs and guts to determine whether it has an impact on response to immunotherapy.
  • The Thing about Advanced Cancer is an informative podcast from the Cancer Council NSW. Lifehouse experts Dr Judith Lacey and Dr Toni Lindsay took part in the series, giving advice about maintaining a healthy lifestyle when living with advanced cancer and how to care for people experiencing cancer. The episodes covers topics like taking a holistic approach to care, the importance of diet, exercise and supportive care as well as the challenges faced by those caring for people with cancer.
  • Cybernetics student from ANU Kathy Reid has started to develop a new type of breast prosthesis that monitors body activity (such as temperature and motion) after having been through breast cancer herself. Lifehouse physiotherapist Jessica Kyneur talks about how helpful this data would be to improving her patients’ outcomes. 
  • Founders of the CancerAid app are working with patients at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse to gather user feedback to improve their app, ultimately improving the help available for people going through cancer treatment. 
  • In this insightful article written by patient David Smiedt for Body+Soul, he describes the range of different reactions he received when he told his loved ones that he had cancer. He speaks to Judith Lacey about how to break the news with sensitivity and gives valuable tips on how to support someone who is going through cancer treatment.
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