New Blood Test Could Help Avoid Chemotherapy | Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
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In a world-first discovery, Australian researchers have found that the presence of a particular marker in the blood could help predict whether or not a prostate cancer patient will respond to chemotherapy.

The drug Docetaxel is given to advanced prostate cancer patients after failed hormone therapy. For some, it doesn’t work, but it can take up to three months of treatment to find out.

This new test, looking for the presence of mGSTP1 in the blood, could help predict whether the drug will work, thus avoiding unnecessary chemotherapy and helping doctors to find the right treatment sooner.

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse doctors Professor Lisa Horvath and Dr Kate Mahon contributed to the study alongside researchers from the Garvan Institute and the CSIRO.

Read more about it and watch the video on 9 News.

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