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Neil Sandall is one of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse’s earliest monthly donors.

Now retired from a career as a senior public servant, he became a regular donor to Lifehouse in 2009, after cancer devastated his own family.

His mother, Delma Sandall, was diagnosed too late and died from breast cancer after a seven-year battle.

“When her breast cancer metastasised, it spread to her spine and caused her a great deal of pain. She allowed her oncologist to carry out a range of different trials on her, because she wanted to ensure that none of her granddaughters suffered like she did,” says Neil Sandall.

“At her funeral, we asked for donations to cancer research instead of flowers.”

“Her interest in medical trials to try and beat the disease was the genesis of my eventual regular commitment to Lifehouse.”

Around the time renowned cancer surgeon Chris O’Brien died, Neil’s father also died. Neil was struck by the fortitude of Chris O’Brien, as he turned his efforts towards creating a cancer hospital with a difference.

“Chris O’Brien made the most of life from relatively humble beginnings and was clearly both an outstanding doctor and visionary healer.”

“I guess Mum would have welcomed this ongoing, if modest monthly donation by me, as my continuation of her dying wish to see more research into common cancers leading to better treatments and survival outcomes for those living with cancer diagnoses. This seems to me to be what the late Chris O’Brien had in mind with his Lifehouse vision.”

If you would like to learn more about our monthly giving program, please contact Amelia Davis on (02) 8514 0113 or

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