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We are excited to announce that Dr Rhonda Farrell, our Deputy Director of Gynae-Oncology, has received national recognition and support for her world-first clinical trial for ovarian cancer, HyNOVA, securing a grant of $686,000 from the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF).

The grant was received as part of a $13.6 million Australian Government investment supporting ten clinical trials in the areas of melanoma, gynaecological cancers and childhood brain cancers. Dr Farrell’s HyNOVA trial was one of just four trials selected to receive a grant in the reproductive and gynaecologic cancer space.

HyNOVA is a study to determine whether heated chemotherapy has any benefits over body-temperature (normothermic) chemotherapy when delivered into a patient’s abdomen directly at the time of peritonectomy surgery – the surgical removal of the abdominal lining (peritoneum). 

Dr Farrell is expecting to recruit 15-20 patients per year over the three-year recruitment period, and has already received significant interest.

“We’re getting a lot of referrals from gynae-oncologists with patients who could benefit from this treatment. Some have cancer that is recurrent, or a new diagnosis of an advanced disease. We want to offer these women the very best shot.”

This amazing achievement is a testament not only to the work of Dr Farrell and her team, but to the incredible generosity and vision of our donor community, who have enabled Dr Farrell and her team to build a compelling base of evidence in the early stages of this research.

“One of the reasons my job was funded through philanthropy was to build and develop this study and push forward with doing peritonectomy with heated chemotherapy. That’s why it’s so good that we now have this study.”

Dr Farrell was also recently voted to be the Asia/Oceania representative (one of the three world gynaecological oncology representatives) to the International Gynaecological Cancer Society. Congratulations Rhonda!

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