An exciting development in minimally-invasive, image-guided cancer treatment | Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
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As technology continues to evolve, cancer treatment is becoming more precise and less invasive. These changes, in turn, provide significant benefits for patients with cancer.

We are excited to announce the construction of a new hybrid image-guided operating theatre at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. This theatre will use high resolution, 3D imagery to guide the clinician during surgery. It will create a more targeted approach to treating the patient, providing less complications, and a faster recovery time.

Interventional Oncology is a rapidly growing area in cancer care in the United States but is in its infancy in Australia. It combines various imaging technology, from ultrasound, x-rays and CTs, to assist the specialist interventional oncologist in completing targeted, minimally-invasive procedures for the treatment of cancers.

The imaging technology will allow the clinician to visualise the tumour and its blood flow in 3D with incredible clarity. The technology will help guide procedures which can then be performed through a pin-hole.

Dr Chris Rogan, Head of the new Interventional Oncology Department at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse says, “Having the Interventional Oncology Suite available at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse will open up a wide range of minimally-invasive, image-guided treatments. This field of cancer care embodies the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse vision of caring for the patient. It optimises the patient’s quality of life through their treatment journey as part of a multidisciplinary patient care team.”

The construction and fit-out of the new hybrid theatre is being funded by a generous gift from the Sargents Charitable Foundation. It’s only through the support of our donor community that we are able to make these ground breaking and practice-defining advances. You are helping us change and improve the way we treat cancer in Australia. Thank you for your continued support.

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