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Arash Azar has been working at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse since November of 2018 as our new clinical trials coordinator. In this role, Arash ensures that each trial adheres to the clinical requirements, and ensures that the patient’s wellbeing and welfare are always paramount. “As a coordinator I have to understand everything about the clinical trial and its protocol: blood tests, visits, treatments, medications, imaging and all those kinds of related activities like assessments, treatments, pathologies,” says Arash, “We have to make sure that every person involved in the study is going through all the process of the protocol perfectly and with no deviation.”

For each patient in the select clinical trial, Arash is their point of contact, “The patients have our numbers and they contact us and ask us how to manage any changes that happen as a result of the treatment. We are available to support them at any hour.”

Arash’s position is one funded solely through philanthropy, and this motivates him to achieve his very best. “Your donations are so important. For many people, clinical trials are their main source of hope. The fact my position is donor-funded makes me want to work extra hard and be even more effective and productive, to make sure the donations have the best possible outcome.”

Throughout his career, Arash has experienced all elements required in running a clinical trial, from medicine to data analysis. “I’ve worked across different parts of research,” says Arash, who holds a Masters degree in biostatistics. “I’ve been a doctor, a nurse assistant, a data analyst, a biostatistician, a research assistant, and I’ve enjoyed all these experiences. This is a multidimensional job, so you have to be aware of the medical parts of it, the nursing, data analysis, protocols and paperwork.

“I’ve been involved in study groups and research projects for a number of conditions, but I wanted to do something more meaningful to me personally. And I like to be with people, talking to them and helping them. This is what makes me satisfied in my life and in my work. Clinical trials give people hope for themselves, for the future of cancer treatment and other people who will go through what they are going through.”

We are deeply grateful to our donors for enabling Arash’s role, which brings a gift of hope to many people living with cancer.

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