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Most patients cancer surgeon Dr Richard Babor treats ask him the same question, what could I have done to prevent this? 

In this SBS documentary series he investigates what we can do each day to effectively lower our risk of getting cancer.

While most people will know someone who has been affected by cancer, it might still come as a surprise to learn that 40 percent of cancers are preventable through lifestyle changes.

“Almost every single little segment has something that you can take away from it, some element that you can do in your life to reduce your risk of cancer,” says Dr Babor.

Episode one looks at the impact our diet has on cancer, and what we can adjust to lower the risks. Dr Babor gets his teeth into the Mediterranean diet and looks at our relationship with meat and its link to bowel cancer.

The average western diet has nearly double the amount of sugar recommended by the World Health Organisation. Highly processed food has slowly gained more of a foothold in our daily lives, and will have a lasting effect on future generations. 

But when it comes to eating healthy food, cost and accessibility can sometimes be an obstacle. Dr Babor looks into the superfood myths and what cheaper alternatives may exist, how to balance your diet, and even delves into the natural fasting once practised by our hunter gatherer ancestors.

“Ultimately we need to be more mindful of how we are eating. Use our desire for food to eat our way to better health. More of nature’s medicine means less time at the doctor.”

As Hippocrates said “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.”

Watch Episode 1 on SBS On Demand.

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