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Being based in rural, regional and remote areas can mean country patients miss out on crucial follow-up support after treatment for cancer.

In June 2016, the Lifehouse LivingRoom began a pilot program, LivingRoom@Home, to remedy this situation.

LivingRoom@Home ensures patients who would otherwise be isolated from ongoing support by their remote addresses, are not disadvantaged by distance and can receive the best post-cancer treatment care and support.

The LivingRoom team develops and works through a personalised rehabilitation plan which is delivered via this innovative program.

Using an e-Health platform – accessed on tablet or computer – patients can now enter a virtual room for their consultations with physiotherapists, dieticians, exercise physiologists and other Allied Health practitioners. By being able to view the patient on screen the doctor or practitioner can also see the patient in person.

Additionally, LivingRoom@Home allows patients to receive their rehabilitation and supportive care services in their own homes with the knowledge of their own GPs and carers.

The initial pilot program was funded entirely by two private foundations and today, with committed ongoing support, LivingRoom@Home will continue as part of the package of supportive care offered at Lifehouse.

Lifehouse sincerely thanks the Curtis Foundation and the Mostyn Family Foundation for their generosity, vision and commitment to ensuring equitable access to the Living Room’s innovative support services.

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