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When Lisa Dawson’s Dad was diagnosed with stage four melanoma he was given six months to live. Then he was put on a clinical trial here at Lifehouse, and as Lisa says: “It’s now three years on, and we are so glad to have our much loved Dad still with us fighting this terrible disease.”

Lisa was so inspired by her Dad’s treatment that she decided to run the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon to help raise money for Lifehouse.

“When this event came along I wanted to raise money for Lifehouse because Dad was lucky enough to be put on this trial drug. I’ve only completed the City-to-Surf before and that was more of a walk than a run. I’m slightly nervous about the 21km but I figure this is nothing compared to what cancer patients have to deal with every day.

“I’m finding it hard to start training given I’m not really a fan of running! But I know it’s for an amazing cause so will get past that pretty quickly. I also have a lot of support which will keep me going.”

And a large chunk of that support comes from Lisa’s ‘Cambodia ladies’, a group of six friends who went to Cambodia to teach English together a few years ago. Lisa said: “When we were in Cambodia we pooled our own funds and did some fundraising, and returned with some money. We have been looking for a good cause to donate to since then. Not only is Dad being treated for cancer, but a number of the ladies have had family members with some form of cancer too, so we thought this was the perfect cause to donate the money to.

“It’s scary how many people are affected directly or indirectly by cancer. Which is why it’s not hard to encourage people to either join or donate to this amazing cause.

“I think that anyone who is thinking of doing an active event to raise money for Lifehouse has had their lives impacted by cancer and are driven to do anything they can to help make their fight a little easier. “

Lisa raised $3,163.50 and was overwhelmed by the support she received.

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