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Medical student Joey Michael was at Lifehouse on the very first day it opened, volunteering as a wayfinder.

Three years later, he is still here.

“I’ve always loved volunteering and this is an amazing opportunity for me. I want to be a doctor one day so I thought, why not immerse myself in the environment now?”

His typical day at Lifehouse involves wandering around the hospital, talking to patients, making cups of tea and coffee, restocking supplies and doing whatever else he can to help.

Joey says: “The strength of the patients never ceases to inspire me! Many patients are positive and they seem to lend strength to each other. And the staff are wonderful, there’s a smile around every corner.”

Joey also volunteers elsewhere. He spent eight months last year as a volunteer in villages in Armenia through Birthright Armenia, a journey that led him to speak at a gala event for the Children of Armenia Fund in New York.

For Joey, “volunteering is more than just giving back, it’s also a time to learn, experience and share. Each time I walk out the door I take a new lesson with me.”

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