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June 2016 marked seven years since Professor Chris O’Brien lost his own battle with brain cancer. For the first time since opening in November 2013, patients whose cancer has spread to their brain will also soon be able to have their surgery at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, complementing our existing services in chemotherapy and radiation oncology.

Brain metastases are a feared and common complication of widespread cancer in the body, and occur in approximately 15% of adult and 6% of child cancer patients. They are also some of the most difficult cancers to treat successfully.

One of the reasons is that the brain is an incredibly delicate and vulnerable area. Where a tumour has woven itself through the brain’s membranes, surgery is even more intricate and complex.

Lifehouse neurosurgeon Dr Brindha Shivalingam says, “When operating on cancer in the brain, innovative and technologically advanced surgical equipment is vital. It allows the surgeon to target the cancerous tissue with pinpoint accuracy, enabling a minimally invasive approach to removing cancerous tissue that has ingrained itself into healthy tissue. Ultimately such precision will provide a better opportunity for a higher level of functionality for the patient post-operatively.”

Lifehouse constantly strives to ensure our patients who require surgery not only have a strong surgical team who are experienced in cancer care and treatment, but also have access to the most technologically advanced surgical and medical equipment currently available in our operating theatres.

Lifehouse currently has the world-class surgeons and operating theatres ready and waiting. However before we commence neurosurgery, we are looking to raise $723,000 for the necessary equipment.

Thanks to generous donations from the charity Cure My Brain as well as other key supporters, we have already attracted funding of over $261,000. We therefore need to raise the additional $462,000 to commence this vital lifesaving work. Your money will help to buy equipment such as the technologically advanced BrainLab Neuronavigation System.  The system builds a 3D image of the patient’s brain, allowing surgeons to identify the best approach before surgery even begins. In addition equipment such as the Storz Transphenoidal Bipolar Forceps and Transphenoidal Curette are essential for the surgical management of skull based tumours.

If you would like to help Chris O’Brien Lifehouse purchase lifesaving equipment which makes a tangible difference in patients’ lives, please make a tax-deductible donation today. Remember every dollar brings us one step closer to saving a life or finding a cure.

Alternatively you can contact Alison Muir, Major Giving Manager, on (02) 8514 0356 or for more information.

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