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We’ve been featured in the news a bit lately. Here’s a round up of the latest stories:

  • Dr Cindy Mak and Dr Susan Carroll appeared on ABC Nightlife to discuss all you need to know about breast cancer
  • The Australian Story ran a riveting two-part piece on broadcaster Mike Willesee and his battle against cancer.
  • Associate Professor Sanjay Warrier appeared on ABC Radio Mornings with Wendy Harmer on 26 October to discuss how SPY machine technology is helping surgeons make decisions about reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer patients. He was also on Healthy Living with Dr Ross Walker on 8 October on the same topic.
  • Sanjay Warrier also featured on the topic of whether women who dye their hair should worry about getting cancer.
  • Medical Oncologist Peter Grimison told the West Australian that the jury is still out on medicincal cannabis for cancer patients.
  • This beautiful video tells the story of how Brothers IV Brothers have raised $620,000 for Lifehouse in memory of their brother Lachlan and friend Tim by getting ‘a bunch of old has-beens from Knox Rugby Club’ back on the rugby field each year.
  • A research team of doctors from RPA and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse published a study of how tattoo ink that stayed in the body for many years could mimic lymphoma.
  • Presenter from the LivingRoom Barry du Bois revealed that he has cancer and is being treated at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.
  • Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo celebrates his last day of radiation therapy at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse by ringing the end of treatment bell.
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