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Lifehouse in the News:

  • The Cancer Council wants greater attention paid to the “financial toxicity” of cancer, with a new report finding the lifetime economic cost for each young Australian diagnosed with the disease averaged $1.3 million. Lifehouse patient Caitlin Delaney, 40, was featured on SBS News to discuss how the financial strain of cancer has impacted upon her family.
  • Home and Away star, and Lifehouse radiotherapy patient, Jonny Ruffo, appeared on The Morning Show to give an update on his recovery after being diagnosed with an aggressive brain Tumor.
  • The Daily Mail reported that Jonny Ruffo is doing well after being diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor six months ago. He received life-saving surgery at RPA and radiotherapy at the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.
  • Lifehouse surgeon, Professor Henry Woo, was featured on 9 News where he discussed a new treatment for enlarged prostates that results in minimal side effects.
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