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To celebrate this year’s Father’s Day we would like to share one of our father and daughter stories. Meet Erin and her dad, Terry. Erin is an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse in the wards here at Lifehouse and her dad Terry volunteers driving the Patient Shuttle Bus. This is the first time they’ve worked together.

Terry: “I started volunteering at Lifehouse because I’m retired and wanted to do something worthwhile. Erin had recently started working here so we became aware of the volunteer program.

“I drive the patient shuttle bus between the country platforms at Central Station and Lifehouse. I also fill in as required on the bus or patient transport car that picks up and drops off local patients from their home for day treatment.

“I love helping those who genuinely need help. They really appreciate the assistance. The most surprising thing about volunteering at Lifehouse has been that generally the patients have a cheerful outlook, which is quite surprising given what they’re going through.”

Erin: “I have always been interested in medicine. I had a brain tumour so I have somewhat of an understanding of what it’s like having something inside making me very sick.

“Every day I see a wide variety of patients. I attend to general nursing care such as medication administration, assistance with mobility, wound care, comfort care. I am learning that I need patience, teamwork, and understanding of what an ordeal people are going through; they can get very stressed and I need to let them let it out.

“I do what I do because I love taking care of people. I was born to be a nurse.”

Do you see each other much at Lifehouse?

Terry: “We don’t often cross paths but every individual function of the hospital needs to work for the whole system to operate effectively.

“We did have one occasion where we needed to be in contact after I parked the bus behind an ambulance Erin had arranged to move a patient. When they arrived with the gurney, I had gone to get lunch and they could not access the rear of the ambo. Luckily Erin was able to say, that’s okay, I know the bus driver! And she called me on my mobile.”

Erin: “Dad and I are both helping people at a very difficult time in their life. It can be challenging, however extremely rewarding. We are blessed to be part of a wonderful hospital. And it is great to do this together as we know what the other is dealing with and can support each other.”

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