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Professor Henry Woo and his team were privileged to welcome international luminary Maria Ribal to Lifehouse on Wednesday 1 March for the Uro-Oncology Round Table Series. This is where internationally acclaimed experts spend time with the uro-oncology multidisciplinary team to share insights and the latest developments in their areas of expertise.

Maria Ribal is a urological surgeon and Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Barcelona and has an international reputation for her work in bladder cancer, prostate cancer and medical education in social media. She is the director of uro-oncology at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona and sits of the board of the European Association of Urology Guidelines Office.

Associate Professor Ribal shared these latest developments with the team:

  • Strong evidence supports the use of neoadjuvant (treatment given as a first step to shrink a tumour before surgery) chemotherapy in muscle invasive bladder cancer
  • However, few patients are given this option so as doctors we need to do much better in putting these evidence based recommendations into practice
  • In a small but carefully selected population of men, bladder-sparing treatment can have a role
  • There have been recent global shortages of Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG), a vaccine used to prevent TB but also an effective treatment for some non-invasive bladder cancers. This is prompting a search for newer and better options for treating superficial bladder cancer
  • Through its infrastructure and mentoring process, the European Association of Urology Guidelines are updated annually, unlike any other guidelines in urological practice

It was a lively and interactive session and participants made good use of the opportunity to pick Associate Professor Ribal’s brain on these and other developments.


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