Larapinta Trail to Great Wall of China: Eamon McCurry Treks for Lifehouse | Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
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“It was magical. I’ll just never forget that moment.” It was one of Eamon McCurry and his partner, Matt Carter’s favourite songs, Clair de Lune by Flight Facilities, that woke Eamon up early under the stars on the final day of 223km Larapinta Trail. He was trekking in Matt’s memory. “You just think how lucky you are in life… lots of people wouldn’t be able to do that, for whatever reason, and I know Matt would have loved to do that.”

Eamon’s journey with Chris O’Brien Lifehouse began in late 2015 when Matt was diagnosed with mouth cancer. Within four days Matt had undergone his first operation and soon after started chemotherapy and radiation at Lifehouse. Matt passed away in 2016, and since then Eamon and Matt’s mum and sister have done everything they can to support Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and its patients and families affected by cancer.

Eamon speaks with nothing but profound gratitude for all those who looked after Matt in his time at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. “I can’t emphasise how he treated Matt and I… it was as though we were his own sons. He has a heart of gold,” Eamon says of Associate Professor Chris Milross, director of radiation oncology at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, and fellow Larapinta trekker. “They’re unbelievable people and they give you reassurance that they will do everything in their power to help.”

A two-month tour of China had been on the cards for Eamon and Matt’s joint 40th birthday in 2022. So, when we announced the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Great Wall Trek 2020, Eamon was the first to sign up. He will be lacing up his hiking boots once more to help Chris O’Brien Lifehouse while fulfilling his and Matt’s dream of walking the Great Wall of China.

For those considering the China 2020 trek, Eamon’s advice is, “Don’t think, just do it. It’s about meeting people and raising money for the hospital so they can put it directly into research and care that will help patients.”

The Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Great Wall Trek is a nine-day trip in April 2020. To join Eamon and Gail O’Brien AO on the trek or for more information, please contact Sara Walker at or                        02 8514 0300.

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