Keeping one nurse’s passion for education alive | Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
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An In Memoriam gift is a thoughtful way to remember someone and a way to ensure their legacy lives on to help others. Some choose to set up a Memorial Fund as a tribute to their loved one.

One such fund is the Anne Marie Griffin Fund. Anne Marie Griffin was a dedicated chemotherapy nurse who was passionate about nurse education. Sadly, she died from breast cancer in 2010. The Griffin Family created the fund to honour her life and her passion.

This fund provides scholarships to support ongoing education of cancer care nurses at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Enhancing the knowledge and experience of our nurses helps us to provide a better experience for our patients and continually raise the standard of care within our hospital. Anne Marie would be so proud to know that her legacy lives on to support nurse education.

To learn more, contact Stacy Barnard on (02) 8514 0621.


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