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Things are changing at a rapid pace as we navigate the challenges of Coronavirus and lockdown. While many of us feel relief at the easing of restrictions, for some of us the prospect of venturing out in public leaves us feeling anxious.

As we adapt to each new reality, it is important to nurture our mind and body. Practices such as mindfulness, yoga and reflexology are powerful tools to help us cope with the changing landscape.

We’ve put together some resources to help you incorporate mind-body self-care in your daily routine:

  1. Exercise every day, even if just for 10 minutes. Our exercise physiologists have prepared some simple exercises you can do at home. Exercise is great for improving mood and sleep.
  2. Feeling frazzled? Take 10 minutes out to perform yoga breathing to centre you and instil calm.
  3. Reflexology is great for relieving stress. You’ll need a partner for this one, here are some simple reflexology techniques you can perform to release stress.
  4. Pause at four – each day at 4pm our supportive care team leads you through a live, guided mindfulness session to help you find connection and calm.

For our full program of practices and techniques to care for you during these challenging times, visit the LivingRoom @ Home.

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