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“I want to set an example for my kids and have them learn there is such an importance to give back to others.” Allison Watson has never been much of a cyclist. So why then has she chosen to fly to New Zealand in three days’ time to ride an enormous 95km in the Lake Hawea Epic Bike Race?

All to raise money for Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

Having followed Chris O’Brien’s career both before and after his diagnosis, Allison couldn’t think of a better place to concentrate her fundraising efforts than on the legacy that Chris left behind. “I had so much respect for him and the way he treated his patients. His gentle nature and the respect he had for them and their families while they were going through the most horrible time in their lives made me respect him so much.”

Allison signed up for this massive single day event that will see her riding through the mountainous terrain of New Zealand’s Southern Island. As she trains for the big day, Allison has constant reminders of why she’s already “ridden through hundreds of spiderwebs, swallowed countless bugs and committed to hours of training in the gym and on the track”. With ribbons of all different colours tied to her handlebars to represent the people who have fought or are fighting cancer, Allison is constantly reminded of why she’s doing this. “The training has been hard but nothing compared to what people go through day to day fighting cancer, so really I’m the lucky one.”

Having already smashed two of her initial fundraising goals, Allison has raised an incredible $2,165 to support Lifehouse, and with only 3 days to go before the big race she’s determined to raise even more. “I have been completely honoured and humbled by the support. These challenges often shape us and that’s exactly what has happened in the last 6 months since signing up for the race. I can’t wait for race day!”

Learn more about Allison’s training and support her in this epic ride by donating at

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