International Nurses Day: Keith Cox follows his patient through treatment | Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
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To illustrate the depth and breadth of a nurse’s role, senior nurse practitioner Keith Cox tells the story of his relationship with patient Elliott Miller. As a nurse practitioner in day therapy, where patients come for chemotherapy, Keith comes into contact with a large number of the patients who walk through our doors.

Nurse practitioners are advanced practice nurses with many years of experience in their specialty and who have completed specialist study. They can prescribe medicine, order tests and screening (like X-Rays and blood tests) and can refer patients to other healthcare professionals.

Keith has been a nurse for more than 47 years, helping to raise oncology and chemotherapy standards to benefit his central focus – the patients. Friday 12 May is International Nurses Day and we would like to recognise all our nurses and caregivers, who put the patient at the heart of their jobs.

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