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What does ‘living well’ mean, after a diagnosis of cancer?

This is the question that Associate Professor Judith Lacey, Head of Supportive Care and Integrative Oncology, sat down to talk about on the latest episode of the podcast ‘Integrative Oncology Talk’. Bridging the 17-hour time difference, A/Prof Lacey chatted all things supportive care with host Dr Santosh Rao, medical and integrative oncologist from Phoenix, Arizona.

Supportive care and integrative oncology, the management of the physical, emotional and psychological symptoms of cancer and its treatments, is becoming increasingly vital to modern cancer care, as more and more patients are living longer with their diagnosis. Despite this, only around 25% of cancer hospitals in Australia offer this service to its patients and A/Prof Lacey is one of the only doctors working in a hospital setting for integrative oncology.

“As we keep people living longer with cancer, it is our obligation to keep people living well. It’s more than just treating the symptoms of cancer – it’s about empowering people to live well at every stage of the experience, from diagnosis to survivorship or end of life,” says A/Prof Lacey.

In this episode, A/Prof Lacey takes a deep dive into her supportive care toolkit, which includes music and art therapies, and touch therapies such as massage, acupuncture and lymphoedema therapy. She also reveals the unique challenges of treating patients with advanced cancer, the increasing awareness of medical cannabis in comprehensive cancer care, and the creative ways her team have been delivering supportive care services during COVID-19.

The full episode is here:

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