From inoperable lung cancer to cancer-free: Caroline's remarkable story | Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
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Caroline Bernardi has a remarkable story. For six months before she was diagnosed with stage 3b lung cancer she had a persistent feeling that she had cancer, despite not having any symptoms. She visited her GP three times and also saw a psychologist to address the sensation. When she was diagnosed she was told that her cancer was inoperable and the chemotherapy she received wasn’t effective.

Caroline’s response was to adopt meditation and exercise as part of a holistic approach to her illness. She was fortunate to be placed on a clinical trial drug which completely melted her tumours away. She is now cancer free.

Caroline is now a volunteer at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. She takes patients and their families through guided relaxation meditation sessions to help with anxiety and symptoms related to cancer and its treatment.

Caroline sat down for Tea with Jules Sebastian to talk about her experience and how she dealt with it.

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