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We held our first annual Lifehouse Revue on Wednesday.

Patients and staff, family and friends all came together to put on a show at the Red Rattler Theatre  in Marrickville. Guests enjoyed a variety of performances from belly dancing to magic tricks, stand-up comedy to evocative poetry.

The show kicked off with a bang (of a drum!) as the kilt clad Pipe Band Club made their way through the aisles. We enjoyed a range of musical performances from talented singers May Whitaker, Emma McKinna, Jill Carter Hansen and Xan Hardman. We loved Dr Hackenbush, and his brilliant backup dancers, the Arterettes. It was heartening to see such familiar faces as Gail O’Brien, Professor Chris Milross, Dr Judith Lacey, and ICU nurse unit manager Malita Moaven up on stage giving it a go with smiles on their faces and kidney dishes on their heads.

Of course a display of Lifehouse musical talent would be incomplete without a performance from our spirited Lifehouse Choir. With their regular gusto, they performed a beautiful rendition of How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) accompanied by Michael “Micky Blue Eyes” Roberts on the key board and Bernie Heard leading the choir.

Guests were also lucky enough to enjoy a surprise celebrity appearance from Swedish pop sensation ABBA’s Agnetha and Frida who had everyone on their feet singing and dancing along to Mamma Mia!

During their magic show, Ray Lotty and Oliver Andretic had everyone on the edge of their seats and (almost) believing in magic as they brought us this classic exchange;

“Is this your card?!”



The night was full of laughs thanks to Lifehouse Revue visionary Linda Davey, as well as stand-up comedian David Smiedt. Their real and raw approach to the taboo topic of cancer had us crying with laughter, reminding us that at all costs we must “stay positive”.

A special thankyou to Lorainne Brecard who made this amazing night happen. Further thanks go out to our MC Jimmy Buck, stage manager Meg Milross, videographer Mo Valentine, photographer John Welch, Miss Mabel’s food truck , head wrangler Maddie Cartmer, the Red Rattler crew and all the talented performers. The night wouldn’t have been what it was without the positivity and spirit of everyone involved.

Start brushing up on your talents now because next year’s Lifehouse Revue promises to be spectacular!

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