Cancer nurse practitioners from all over Australia descend on Lifehouse | Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
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Cancer nurse practitioners from throughout Australia came to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse cancer centre for a two-day Cancer Nurse Practitioner (CNP) Masterclass this month.

The event focussed on the heart, respiratory system, and the way in which nurses examine and document patient findings.

Cancer nurse practitioners can order, refer and prescribe and require advanced training in various areas of cancers care.

Keith Cox shared the key messages that came out of the master class:

  1. Chemotherapy drugs can affect the function of the heart. Cancer nurse practitioners need to know the signs and symptoms. This includes thorough heart testing and monitoring status during treatment.
  2. Cancer nurse practitioners learnt what to look for on x-rays including infections.
  3. Attendees were shown how best to document patient care in either paper or electronic format.

“It was a successful master class and everyone went away with positive outcome,” said Keith Cox, Nurse Practitioner at Lifehouse.

The masterclass was organised by Keith and other members of the CNP group of the Cancer Nurses Society Australia, of which Keith was the chair until December 2016.

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