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This month in the news:

Archibald winning prize artist and cancer survivor Nicholas Harding gives back to Lifehouse in the best way he knows how; with a paint brush, a canvas, and a whole lot of humility.

Just over a year after his passing, Lifehouse ex-patient Cooper Rice-Brading’s legacy is continuing to make ground on and off the field. On what was meant to be his 19th birthday, the second annual Cooper Rice-Brading Foundation (CRBF) T20 cricket match was held, with the aim of raising funds in support of Australian-based trials for sarcoma.

A new procedure known as a trachelectomy is giving women with invasive cervical cancer a second chance at having children. Watch gynaecologist Trevor Tejada-Berges on the Today show discussing this radical approach where a woman’s cervix is removed and the uterus is attached to the vagina, allowing mothers to fall pregnant and carry babies to term. 

Although the legalisation of medicinal cannabis usage is still fairly recent, new data however reveals that since March 2018, there have been more than 3,100 prescriptions issued to patients. Dr Judith Lacey, from Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, speaks to 2SER about the controversial treatment, and the new data that shows it’s gaining traction. Similar coverage featuring Dr Judith Lacey and the discussion of medicinal cannabis use, can be found on the ABC .

A new smart drug, billed to help advanced cancer patients who have limited options after failing standard chemotherapy, has shown much promise in its trial stages. Chris O’Brien Lifehouse Breast cancer surgeon Associate Prof Sanjay Warrier, discusses how drug ‘Sacituzumab govitecan’ is providing new hope in increasing women’s survival rates.

The annual Italian-Australian Community Charity Lunch hosted by the Father Atanasio Gonelli Charitable Fund, raised $50,000 this year. It is the seventh year that the event has been held, with the scope of raising money toward community causes. Chris O’Brien Lifehouse was fortunate to receive a donation on the fund’s behalf.

Xavier Neil was out of bed early and surfing amongst the waves every day of February – rain, hail or shine – in return for donation pledges as a part of SurFebruary. At the time of publication, Xavier raised $12,796 for the cause, raising the most funds of the 110 surfers who participated. And he’s only eight-years-old.

A baby and 12,000 bottles of wine is not a usual pairing in today’s day and age. Find out the unique way in how Charlie Callaway gave back to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, in memory of his late mum.

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