A Hair-Raising Experience for the Best of Causes | Chris O'Brien Lifehouse
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This Winter, Charlie Wallace is the coolest kid at his school. But not for the usual reasons that make 7-year-olds cool. He’s just had his head completely shaved to support his mother’s fund-raising event.

Mum, Jo, is a Chris O’Brien Lifehouse patient, whose treatment for cervical cancer, involving surgery and chemotherapy, has now progressed to her being officially “in remission”.

Young Charlie decided to do his bit, and show solidarity with Jo, by publicly being shorn at a school fund-raiser. He wasn’t alone. Two teachers also submitted to the shearing ritual.

The event: a “Breakfast of Champions” fundraiser, at Australia Street Infants School, with proceeds going to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. For Jo, the support she’s been getting during her treatment has made it a very positive experience.

If you would like to do something brave and join Team Lifehouse, please contact Sara Walker on (02) 8514 0300 or sara.walker@lh.org.au.

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