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With the brain being the most complex organ in the human body, imagine being able to navigate its twists and turns with greater precision and confidence than ever before. With the recent acquisition of the BrainLab Cranial Neuronavigation system, this is now a reality at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

We acquired this system thanks to many generous donors. It uses cutting-edge technology and patient data such as MRI and CT scans to create a 3D image of the patient’s brain. Whether it is used for taking biopsies, placing shunts or guiding endoscopes, the BrainLab system tracks the tools being used in real time to guide the surgeon’s hands with unprecedented precision. This precision also means that surgical openings are smaller and more targeted, meaning that damage to regions of healthy brain tissue can be avoided.

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse neurosurgeon Dr Brindha Shivalingam has performed nearly 100 surgeries with the technology since the neurosurgery service opened at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in August 2016. She says that the system is “vital and indispensable” and that “patients are amazed at how well they feel after surgery and how quickly they recover”.

Neurosurgery patient Lisa shared her experience of BrainLab, “I was surprised when I was told I would be alert and mobile only one day after brain surgery. Two hours after surgery I was talking with ICU staff. Just 24 hours later was eating and walking on my own, I even walked myself up to the recovery ward on level eight!”

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse would like to thank our generous supporters for enabling us to acquire such a game-changing piece of advanced technology, ultimately helping us deliver our mission to improve the quality of life for Australian cancer patients, their carers and families.

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