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Marcelo Nascimento, Lifehouse’s newest gynae-oncology specialist, is eager to deliver on the trust placed in him by you, our supporters. “I’m very grateful for your support. I see myself as an instrument to come back to the community with new treatment options so that we can give patients more
hope,” he says.

Marcelo’s position is made possible through two matching major gifts. He and his family are from Porto Alegre in southern Brazil and have moved to Sydney from Queensland. “We like cold weather so we were happy to come to Sydney.”

One of the attractions of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse was to work with the newly formed Peritonectomy team and after having the access to an extensive database and the ability to dedicate time to research and teaching. “We are treating women with advanced disease and following them closely to
see if we are heading towards the right answers.”

Marcelo is especially interested in a treatment that combines surgery to remove cancer implanted on the peritoneum, an internal lining in the abdominal cavity, like ovarian cancer, with chemotherapy delivered to the patient during the operation. Known as heated intraoperative chemotherapy, or HIPEC, this technique has the potential to achieve better outcomes for cancer patients. Further chemotherapy may be delivered post-operatively as part of a treatment plan, but it is thought that this one crucial shot delivered during the operation is the one that may make a difference to a patient’s survival.

“There is a lot of research underway and we don’t have all the answers yet but this technique has the potential to be a huge development in cancer treatment,” says Marcelo. “This is why I came here, it’s an exciting time.”

“I’m very grateful to be part of a multidisciplinary team made up of medical oncologists, specialist nurses and allied health that is able to give hope to patients who otherwise may not have any.”

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