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Jennie Connolly
A patient and visionary

A beloved member of Arterie, our art healthcare program, Jennie was also a patient with ovarian cancer at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. In the months before her passing in June 2018, Jennie made a decision that will help improve outcomes for thousands of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year

She left a gift in her Will to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse with instructions that the funds should be used for gynaecological cancer research.

Jennie’s legacy lives on at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse and through the lives of those who will never know her but who will benefit from the gift of hope that she left behind.

Dr Rhonda Farrell
The clinician and researcher

Dr Rhonda Farrell is Deputy Director of gynae-oncology and an active researcher. While Rhonda’s position is funded overall by philanthropy, Jennie’s gift in Will is funding Rhonda’s research into Heated Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) — a form of heated chemotherapy that is delivered in a targeted way.

Ivana Rapajic-Moran

Ivana Rapajic-Moran
The patient today and tomorrow

Ivana was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2019. Her treatment was a peritonectomy followed by HIPEC — the latest and most advanced available. Thanks to Jennie’s incredibly generous gift, Ivana’s treatment options have been greatly broadened by Dr Farrell’s research into HIPEC.

Ivana’s outcomes form part of Rhonda’s research, meaning she is being treated in a scientific-based, research-driven context that will ultimately lead to better outcomes for patients in her position in the future.

If you are interested in leaving a Gift in Will to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, or would like more information on the topic, please contact Rebecca Scott on (02) 8514 0988 or at

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