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Why Chris O’Brien Lifehouse?

Treating people, not just cancer

Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is a hospital that is solely dedicated to treating and researching cancer. We treat all types of cancers, specialising in those that are complex and rare. We are dedicated to providing patient-centred, uncompromising and compassionate care.


Improving quality of life

At Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, we put the patient at the centre of everything we do and provide integrated cancer treatment in a way that supports, nurtures and empowers patients and their families and loved ones.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our patients and their families, by advancing the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, care, cure and prevention of cancer.

Our concentration of expertise and specialisation in rare and complex cancers ensures we achieve above the New South Wales average survival rate for cancer treatment.

People treated at comprehensive cancer centres such as Lifehouse are more likely to live longer. Data from the Cancer Institute NSW shows that our patients have a greater chance of survival at 90 days than the New South Wales average. Find out more here.

We achieve this through a range of unique services.


Better outcomes

Patients treated at comprehensive cancer centres live longer. The latest data from the Cancer Institute NSW show that patients treated at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse have a greater chance of survival at 90 days than the NSW average. Find out more.

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Accelerated discovery

Our model of care is underpinned by constant in-house research. The majority of our clinicians treating patients are also researchers and scientists, which means the path between discovery and new treatments is significantly shortened. Find out more.


Leading practitioners

We bring together a range of skilled doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.  A concentration of expertise means an increased ability to treat cancers to the very highest standard, including rare and complex cancers. This translates to more effective treatments, better outcomes and a greater quality of life for our patients. Find a doctor.


Clinical trials

Lifehouse now has the most cancer clinical trials in NSW. Active involvement in clinical trials enables our public and private patients a wide scope of opportunities to benefit from early access to the world’s newest medications, treatments, therapies and surgeries. Find out more.


Latest technology

Our clinicians work with the latest in technology, providing revolutionary, minimally-invasive treatment options for patients. This means less chance of complications, faster recovery times and a more individualised and effective approach to treatment. Find out more.

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Supportive Care

Supportive care underpins our ethos of treating the whole person, not just their cancer. In the Lifehouse LivingRoom, a highly-skilled team of clinicians and allied health professionals helps patients manage and mitigate the many side effects of cancer and its treatments through a broad range of evidence-based therapies. Find out more.


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