Surviving living with cancer emotional effects

Living with cancer

A diagnosis of cancer can have an impact on many areas of your life, both during and after treatment.

The symptoms of cancer can vary depending on the cancer type and the person. Some people have a number of symptoms while others have none. Treatment also affects people differently. Some symptoms and side effects are quite common and may be due to either the cancer or its treatment.

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Symptoms and side effects

Some people with cancer have very few symptoms, while others may experience more. Some symptoms are due to cancer, but others may be caused by its treatment. One symptom may affect another: for example, pain can make it difficult to sleep. Symptoms may come and go over time. You are unlikely to have more than a few of the symptoms mentioned in this section. Often, symptoms can be relieved by medical or non-medical treatments or by a combination of both.

Symptoms may include:


If you want to find some ways to manage your symptoms and side effects, the Lifehouse LivingRoom – our integrative medicine centre – might be able to help you. The Lifehouse LivingRoom offers evidence-based complementary therapies, support and education that can be used in partnership with clinical care to help relieve stress, reduce pain and anxiety, and manage the side effects of cancer treatment.

Emotional Effects

For many people, the first few weeks after diagnosis are very stressful. You may have trouble thinking, eating or sleeping. This can last from a few days to several weeks. Read more >

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