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The first steps

If you’re worried about any symptoms you have been experiencing, Chris O’Brien Lifehouse is here to help.

As a world-class cancer research and treatment facility, Lifehouse staff are passionate about delivering exceptional, uncompromising care to people with cancer risks or concerns. As an organisation, we are committed to making things easier for patients as well as their families and carers at every stage of their journey.

Find a doctor and get a referral

If you would like to undertake cancer checkups or cancer treatment with us, you will first need to become a patient of Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. To do this, your GP or specialist will need to refer you to see one of our Lifehouse specialists.

The referral process is easy:

  1. Your GP/specialist can select a doctor from our list of specialists.
  2. Your GP/specialist will then fill in our Lifehouse referral form or a standard referral letter.

Your GP will submit your referral directly to Lifehouse.

You can also be referred to a clinic.

Head and Neck Clinic
Breast Clinic
Rapid Access Endoscopy (for bowel-related and stomach-related investigations)

Make an appointment

Once we’ve received your referral, one of our Patient Navigators will be in touch with you directly to book in your first appointment.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time and research your transport options in advance.

When you arrive our friendly reception staff, wayfinding volunteers and digital wayfinding kiosks will help you navigate around the centre.

The early days

If you do end up facing a cancer diagnosis, this can be quite a challenge physically, mentally and emotionally. As someone who has been newly diagnosed, you’re likely to have many questions. From the kinds of treatment options available to you and what to expect during your first appointment with your specialist, through to questions about navigating the public and private health systems, we can help you find clarity and determine the best options for your individual circumstances.

Patient support services

As part of our commitment to a comprehensive, integrated model of care, Lifehouse offers patients, their carers and families, access to a range of complementary therapies on site in our purpose-built integrative medicine centre – the LivingRoom.

The LivingRoom, located on the ground floor, is a healing haven with treatments available to quiet the mind, ease symptoms and treatment side effects and nourish the soul. Patients, their carers and family can choose from a range of evidence-based therapies including acupuncture, tai chi, yoga, reflexology, qi gong, oncology massage, counselling and exercise physiology.

Lifehouse LivingRoom therapists are all specially trained to work with cancer patients and work alongside your conventional care team of doctors and nurses to deliver an integrated care experience all under one roof.

Private health fund and Medicare rebates are available for certain patients and therapies.

Contact the LivingRoom via email  or on 02 8514 0038 for further information or to make a booking.

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