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Nurse unit managers (NUMs) of our Day Therapy department, Lindley Randle and Leanne Enright are responsible for looking after hundreds of patients each week. Every day, 70 to 100 patients receive chemotherapy under their care. In addition to overseeing the treatment, Leanne and Lindley handle the countless administrative tasks that come with managing more than 40 team members.

“It’s full-on right from the start,” says Lindley.

Day Therapy staff are responsible for double-checking the patients’ details before they can start the day’s treatment. This includes making sure that any necessary blood tests, scans, assessments or other procedures have been completed.

“We’re that last stop to make sure that everything is right before we go ahead,” Lindley says. “There’s quite a significant amount of responsibility from our end.”

Because of this, NUMs need to have a deep understanding of all the different combinations of chemotherapy treatments that can be given to patients, which number in the hundreds.

As NUMs, Lindley and Leanne work together to foster a culture of learning within their team, so that they can continue to offer their patients specialised cancer care.

“There are lots of educational opportunities in Lifehouse and we encourage our nurses to take full advantage of them.” says Leanne. “While we’re sad to lose their expertise, Lindley is really good at encouraging people to take up opportunities in other departments, which really grows people and their careers. These opportunities also help them become better carers for our patients.”

That flexibility to grow while staying in the same organisation contributes to one of the most rewarding aspects of working at Lifehouse: the sense of community.

Patients frequently comment on the positive atmosphere in Day Therapy and the level of respect displayed between colleagues and toward patients.

Lindley says, “As NUM, it makes me very pleased to see how effectively the Unit’s nursing staff work together in caring for patients and each other. This is an attitude I feel is reflected in providing high quality, compassionate and innovative care for our patients.”

“We get such wonderful feedback from our patients and their families,” says Leanne. “The level of appreciation is really quite remarkable.”

Catherine Lambert, Director of Nursing and Clinical Operations agrees, “It is truly our team’s depth of caring which characterises compassionate and innovative care at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.”

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