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Last week we said farewell to our latest artist in residence, Finlay (Fin) Begg. If you’ve been walking around the main foyer or the LivingRoom of late, you will have run into this talented young man and his stunning paintings.

Fin’s primary work for his residency was a large canvas in the foyer where staff, patients and visitors we invited to make their mark on the painting.

“The impromptu nature of this work means that the contribution has no filter and is direct. It has no conscious censorship and you do whatever makes you feel good” says Fin.

Fin has also worked on many small murals and paintings during his time here as well as assisting with the Arterie program.

Fin says that Arterie can be great place for anyone to be creative.

“I think anyone can be artistic. People have a lot of inhibition over what they think is going to be good or look realistic but if you can make something that is direct and expressive then that’s the most therapeutic thing there is I think – I think that’s what art really is,” Fin said.

Fin has greatly enjoyed his residency and hopes to continue his involvement in the Arterie program into the future.

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