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Have you got questions about breast cancer? Listen to this fascinating and educational radio interview on ABC Nightlife to learn all about breast cancer.

Breast surgeon Dr Cindy Mak and radiation oncologist Dr Susan Carroll talk to Philip Clark about how advances in understanding types of breast cancer have informed treatment from surgery and chemotherapy through to radiation therapy.

Learn about which treatments are most suited to the different types of breast cancer and how and why they work. Cindy and Susan talk about risk factors and how to reduce your risk as well as wellness and breast cancer survival.

Cindy covers mastectomies and reconstruction while Susan talks about how radiation therapy works on cancer cells due to their inablitity to repair themselves, unlike normal cells.

They answer listeners questions on common concerns like the links between breast cancer and hormone replacement therapy and the oral contraceptive pill.

It’s all you ever wanted to know about breast cancer in 50 minutes.

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